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Our Favorite Trainers Talk Motivation, Morning Routines, and Misconceptions


Get inspired with 5 of our favorite fitness instructors who share how they start their morning, what keeps them motivated, and some of their favorite trends in the wellness word.

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Plant-Based Collagen: Can Vegans Still Enjoy the Benefits of this Buzzy Supplement?


As someone who’s been following a plant-based diet for years, I’ve watched the rise of collagen from the sidelines and wondered, “What about a plant-based collagen?"

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A Long, Inspiring List of Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation


At Siren Snacks, we’re counting down the days until we take our summer vacation. (TBH — we may or may not already have our OOO message written and ready to go.)

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Health Tips and Words to Live by From 10 Wellness Influencers


That’s right: You’ve finally got the best tips all in one place. We scoured countless websites, magazines, and interviews to curate this list of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and sleep hacks from the industry’s most well-known female health influencers.

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What This San Francisco-based Yoga Teacher She Eats in a Day


Yoga teachers’ commitment to wellness and balance often extends far beyond the mat. We sat down with Lauren, who teaches public and private yoga classes and leads international retreats, to learn about how she chooses to fuel herself.

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How to Enjoy Boutique Fitness Without Breaking the Bank


From Soul Cycle to Pure Barre, there’s a reason these brand name workouts have cult-like followings. But when the class drop-in rate is $35 and package deals cost hundreds of dollars, the price rather than the workout makes you sweat. Here are our top three tips to enjoy your boutique fitness habit without breaking the bank.

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Siren's Natural Deodorant Diaries: Our Top Picks & How To Avoid Ones that Stink


While our makeup bags have gotten a green makeover, we've always struggled to find a clean deodorant that actually works. We tested four popular natural deodorant brands to find out which ones stink, and which ones we're sticking with.

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Ask a Nutritionist: How Much Protein do I Actually Need?


While we know that protein is critical for aiding digestion, supporting our bones and muscles, and fueling our workouts, exactly how much should we be eating? Does it change depending on our health goals or the amount of exercise we’re getting?

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Ask a Nutritionist: What Do I Need to Know About Healthy Fats?


It’s hard not to find a wellness influencer or nutritionist who's not touting the benefits of eating healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and coconut oil. But taking a step back, what exactly are healthy fats, and why are nutritionists now sauteing with ghee and dipping spoons into thick, full-fat yogurt?

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What This Pilates Instructor Eats to Stay Energized All Day


It’s one thing to be in class with your favorite fitness instructor, carefully watching, listening, and following their every cue. But what if you follow them around the kitchen, too?

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A Fitness Icon’s Morning Routine and How to Establish Your Own


We all know about the importance of routines and why they’re many successful people’s key to...well, success. In an effort to upgrade our own routines, we sat down with Tosca Reno, a founder, fitness model, New York Times bestselling author, and nutrition guru to get her tips and advice on establishing a morning routine you can actually stick with.

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How Your Favorite Fitness Instructors Stick to Their Resolutions


We start out the New Year with the best of intentions. But as January comes to a close, it’s normal to let your 2018 resolutions—those goals that that seemed so fresh and exciting just a few weeks ago—fall by the wayside as we slide back into old, comfortable patterns.

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