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Food Industry Secrets: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


As newcomers to the food industry, we’ve learned a ton about how this world operates and what really goes on behind the glossy labels of your favorite CPG brands.

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Plant-Based Collagen: Can Vegans Still Enjoy the Benefits of this Buzzy Supplement?


As someone who’s been following a plant-based diet for years, I’ve watched the rise of collagen from the sidelines and wondered, “What about a plant-based collagen?"

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How Important is it to Filter Your Tap Water?


For us, living our best life means being thoughtful about what we put in our bodies. And since we consume more water each day than we do anything else... is the water we get straight from the tap sufficient?

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The Down Low on Dairy-Free Milks


Almond, cashew, or coconut? No, we’re not talking about potential toppings for your fro-yo. We interviewed Stefanie Adler, a certified nutrition consultant, holistic chef, and founder of San Francisco-based Bright Bean Health, to get the DL on dairy-free milks.

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What’s Actually Inside a Health Coach’s Kitchen?


Ever wish you could take a peek into a health and wellness guru’s cabinet or refrigerator? After all, there’s nothing quite like the euphoric, reassuring feeling of realizing you use the same supplement or brand of almond butter as your favorite health influencer.

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We Went Grocery Shopping With a Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant


Anyone else ever have trouble deciding between two seemingly identical brands of unsweetened vanilla almond milk? It’s moments like these when we wish we had a nutrition expert to accompany us up and down the aisles.

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What This San Francisco-based Yoga Teacher She Eats in a Day


Yoga teachers’ commitment to wellness and balance often extends far beyond the mat. We sat down with Lauren, who teaches public and private yoga classes and leads international retreats, to learn about how she chooses to fuel herself.

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Ask a Nutritionist: How Much Protein do I Actually Need?


While we know that protein is critical for aiding digestion, supporting our bones and muscles, and fueling our workouts, exactly how much should we be eating? Does it change depending on our health goals or the amount of exercise we’re getting?

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Ask a Nutritionist: What Do I Need to Know About Healthy Fats?


It’s hard not to find a wellness influencer or nutritionist who's not touting the benefits of eating healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and coconut oil. But taking a step back, what exactly are healthy fats, and why are nutritionists now sauteing with ghee and dipping spoons into thick, full-fat yogurt?

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What This Pilates Instructor Eats to Stay Energized All Day


It’s one thing to be in class with your favorite fitness instructor, carefully watching, listening, and following their every cue. But what if you follow them around the kitchen, too?

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Siren in the Kitchen: The Crowd-Pleasing Watermelon Pizza Recipe You Need For Your Next Summer Party:


At Siren, we’re constantly stumbling across new recipes and products that inspire us.

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