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5 Questions to Ask Before Trying a New CBD Product


Read between the label and ask these questions to determine a product's quality and potency.

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Sound Healing: Just Another Noisy Trend?


We decided to do some research on sound healing to give you the DL on this new wellness trend. Is it for real, or is it just another noisy fad (pun intended)? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Eating Well on The Fly: Your Guide to Finding Healthy(ish) Food at the Airport


Sometimes it seems like bottled water is the only healthy option at airports - keep these three tips in mind to satisfy your hunger while also maintaining your health goals.

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Mind Full? Siren Snacks Reviews the Top Meditation Apps


Did anyone else have a New Year’s resolution to start meditating? Us, too. Determined to get our meditation goals back on track, we tried three popular meditation apps in hopes of achieving that elusive balance and inner peace.

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How to Keep Your Wellness Routine During Wedding Season


While we love nothing more than celebrating love while sipping on a signature wedding cocktail, we’d be lying if we didn’t get nervous about maintaining our health goals while during wedding season.

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The Siren Snacks Guide to CBD


Lately, we’ve been noticing CBD-infused products popping up everywhere. We did our research and tested out several CBD products to see what the buzz was all about.

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6 Ways to Get Outside During the West Coast Winter


Here are six ideas to get your outside and off the couch during the milder West Coast winter. All you need is a light jacket!

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No Whey! Our Guide to Plant Proteins


From protein bars to powders and everything in between, there are more options than ever before. So, how do we know which type to choose?

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What's On My Bookshelf: Cookbooks to Get You Through the Holiday Season


Our top picks for plant-based cookbooks filled with recipes that are perfect for holiday entertaining.

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The Guide to Healthy, Plant-Based Eats in San Francisco:


For our inaugural ‘Healthy Eats’ guide, we’re kicking it off with a feature on Siren’s hometown, San Francisco!

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